BAR1 Defence and Your SIX Defense USA, will present the power and glory of the Israeli Combat Rappelling System OMER1.

The OMER1 is especially designed for Urban Warfare Scenarios. Do not miss the main event of the year!!!

BAR1 Defence and Your SIX Defense will give you a unique opportunity to learn firsthand info on this unique combat rappelling system. We guarantee great impressions and unforgettable and emotional experiences. The demo is open to all active duty and retired personell from Law-Enforcement, SWAT Units, Military & Military Special Units.
The LIVE demo will be performed by our instructors from a 80 feet building in Las Vegas, Nevada in September 3-7th 2017. We will be running the demo of the OMER-1 several times throughout these days. There will also be possible to take a closer look at the OMER-1 along with all the products within the OMER-1 Combat Rappelling System. The purpose of the demo is to provide the Law Enforcement and Military personell with an idea of a typical mission and capabilities of the OMER1 combat rappelling system and its unique rappel function within urban warfare scenarios.
Our instructors will showcase one of their technical rescue capabilities during a rappelling demonstration. Following the demo there will be a possibility to do a live jump with this unique rappelling descender and a chance to take a closer look to all the equipment belongning to this unique system. Anchor wall base, rescue anchors, base anchors and more...Prior to the demo there will be a short technical insight and intro on the OMER1 
The OMER1 is a Professional Descender with quick release mechanism that was developed for use by SWAT Teams, Counter Terror and Special Forces around the world. The OMER1 Advanced Rescue System is of Israeli origin, registrated within the Israeli Army CAT.NO: 3001 and manufactured solely by BAR-1 Patent no: 171159 - Its uses include: Rappelling, Rescue and Military applications. The OMER1 has been battle tested and proven for decades in the war against terror by YAMAM Israel`s elite domestic hostage rescue & CT unit, I.D.F - Israeli Defense Forces, Shayetet 13 - Israeli Navy Seal & other Special Operations Units worldwide. 
Professional audience: military experts, managers of defense industry enterprises, representatives of military learning establishments and research institutions, business visitors. We welcome you all to this unique opportunity to be among some of the first to see and meet with the one and only OMER1. To sign up for this event please send us an introducting email with name of unit/team, attendancees and contact details and we will send you an offical invitation and sign up form with further info.


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